Living in a Musical {stage one}

Morning Musicals Playlist

Ever since I first saw a musical in the west end, I knew that I had found where I belonged (que cheesy look into the distance and sigh) among the sparkles and pirouettes. I saw that this is what life should be like, everyone just seems so happy and even if they weren’t, they are able to belt out an outstanding ballad, which helps make the idea of being upset a lot more sparkally if you ask me. Personally I think the world would be a much better place if people could solve their problems with a show stopping dance routine and unrehearsed flash mob. Because of this I have tried to come up with ways to make life slightly more like a musical for you lovely lot.


For stage one, if your’ll pardon the pun, I decided to create a Morning Musicals Playlist to help brighten up the dreary weekday early starts. Think of this as a morning routine just put to music. I created my list as a guide to a successful morning, but also to keep me in perfect time from waking up, to leaving the front door and even walking into college.

Now this list is full to the brim of songs from different musicals but I would just like to point out these are not my “favorite” songs from the very vast collection of musicals, as I have had to leave out many a Tune, but the songs that did make the playlist are the ones I think best work for my morning activities. So without further ado ‘let’s meet the stars of our show’…

Now we start off our day with the beautiful: Good morning Baltimore from Hairspray. I find this is the perfect way to wake up as it is upbeat and is great to jam along to. On the other hand, on a day where all you want to do is lay around and sleep for another 10 years, it is so painstakingly annoying that you would just get up to turn it off, thus making it the perfect alarm clock for all occasions.

Next on the list is Hello! From the Book of Mormon as I like to imagine by this time I am ready to face my family and start the day with a great smiley grin. Also, and I know for many people this will be weird but, I wash my teeth as soon as I get up. What! No! Gasp! I know, I know all my friends think it’s weird as well, that I don’t wait until after breakfast to do this, but it’s all I know so there. Anyway this song has a great beat for the tooth brushing purpose.

Now we move on to Love you I do, from Dream Girls. I chose this song as a morale booster for a mini morning workout or stretch, which I find vital for a picturesque morning routine as if you want to be apart of those jaw dropping dance numbers you’ve gotta high kick and split like the best of them.

Next we have Popular from wicked, like you all didn’t know, but I like this song as my getting ready song, perfect for picking out the days outfit.

Now the next 2 are slightly strange and out of place as I sort of just picked two songs I really like to go here which means their lyrics don’t really have a purpose being in my routine. But heck, it’s my morning and if I want it filled with Leslie Odom Jr’s smooth voice then that’s what I shall have. So we have The Room Where It Happens from Hamilton and Anybody have a map From Dear Evan Hansen. In these songs I usually need to be down stairs eating breakfast otherwise I will be late and the songs won’t make sense.

Drum roll please… Now here are my favourite trio of all time, the clever group of songs on the list that just fit so perfectly I just want to squish their faces. First up we have And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going From Dream Girls, this is the vital
come back to someone hurrying you out the door when you still have half a bowl of Cheerios left and only one shoe on. If they start sassing you and telling you to get a move on you just stand up, proudly take out your head phones and let the beautiful sounds of Jennifer Hudson do the talking.
Second in our Trio of awesomeness is You’ll Be Back from Hamilton and it works in two ways. Firstly, as a way of guilt tripping your ride to work or school out of leaving you because you are taking so long. It is the perfect song to shout down the street at a fleeing car. Secondly the wise words of Jonathan Gruff remind us that soon enough we will be home, it makes the idea of leaving the house all that much easier. Now by the time this song has ended I need to be outside my house and hopefully half way down my street, so that I can realise that it’s Too Late To Turn back Now. The Bonnie and Clyde belter is one of my favourite songs and helps put everything into perspective and allows me to continue walking to the train station.

Next up we have our walking songs:
The Nicest Kids In Town, hairspray
My Shot From Hamilton
Sincerely Me, Dear Evan Hansen
Don’t Rain On My Parade From Funny Girl
These songs are great for traveling as they have a steady beat to make sure you don’t slow your pace and are just some banging tunes to keep your mind off the distance you still have to go.

Now by this time in the playlist, I will have forgotten all about walking all together and will have focused more on choreographing a dance routine to the banging tunes. So our next track reminds us that it’s time to run for the train before you miss it. The song is Run And Tell That from Hairspray.

Now, sadly after running, rushing and bustling all the way to the satiation you are told that southern rail have mucked up again and your train will be half an hour late, so you are told to Wait For It, from Hamilton. Not only does this song show you how waiting won’t be all bad, but it also helps to soothe you through the pain and regret that you feel after realising you could have had an extra 30 mins in bed.

Next up our the train songs. Things to keep you occupied so that you can hide from old classmates or the annoying collègues you are bound to run into on the morning commute. First up we have One Short Day from wicked, as this reminds you how quickly you will be able to leave school/work and return back to your bed. The second is Listen from Dream Girls, mainly because I just love the sound of Beyoncé in the morning, but also because it tells a great tale of how eavesdropping can make your train journey a lot more interesting.

Finally, the last song on our list is Waving Through A Window from Dear Evan Hansen. I love this song and I think it is the perfect song to have playing as I am walking up to college. It’s very relatable and it has a much more ‘real’ feeling to it, helping me to feel included even before I get into the gates, which is a nice way to start your day. Also the song is a Belter and Ben Platt’s voice is beautifully calming before starting the stressful activities the day brings.

So there you have it folks, my morning musicals playlist. Sorry the post was so long but I just couldn’t stop myself explaining how much I love each choice. Please comment your opinions on the post so I know what you guys would like to see more of, for example more playlists or more {stages} to the musical life style. Thanks for visiting and I hope I will see you soon.







DIY Christmas​ candles​


Welcome back Bumble Brees,

I hope you are having a great run up to Christmas and I am sure it has been jammed pack with crafts and baking, just like mine. A problem I have found this Christmas is how expensive gifts (and other Christmassy things I love) are this year so I thought I should come up with some beautiful DIY things that are essential to a perfectly Pinterest Christmas.

Now I love candles (who doesn’t) and I especially love making my own and creating versions of the ridiculously expensive ones I find on the shelves in the run up to Christmas. Therefore I knew I had to share my “recipe” with all of you.

So here we go, this is how you can create your very own Christmassy Candles…

What you will need 

  • soy wax chips (around 2 handfuls for each ramekin)
  • glass measuring jug
  • saucepan
  • 3 (or however many candles you want to make) ramekins
  • Christmas additions (candy canes, cinnamon etc)
  • wicks and or string (I will be showing you how to make your own wicks to save money)
  1. First up, you need to put your soy wax chips (i’m not very specific, sorry about that, i just sort of play it by ear) into the glass measuring jug.
  2. Now you need to create a Bain-marie. To do this, place the glass jug in the saucepan and surround it with water. Then bring the water up to boil, thus so melting the wax.
  3. With the wax melted, we are ready to start preparing our candles. This either means dipping the base of the ready-made wicks in the wax and setting them in the ramekin, or you have to start making the wicks your self.


To make your own wicks, cut the string to your ideal length, this should be a few centimetres longer than you want your candle to be. Next, you need to coat the string in wax, you can do this by dipping the string into the glass jug, or using a plastic spoon (I used the pink spork from itsu which was perfect for this). To allow the wicks to dry, attach them to a pencil and let them drip dry, this shouldn’t take long so don’t worry. after they have dried, you are going to need to create a base. I continued with my Christmas theme and used chopped up pieces of candy canes for mine, but in the past, I have used buttons, which worked surprisingly well.

4.  Now you have prepped your candles, you have reached the fun part. Adding the   Christmas scents and decorations, WOOP WOOP! I created 3 different candles, peppermint candy canes, chocolate coins and classic Christmas. For this, you will need:

  • candy canes
  • peppermint scent (you will only need 1 or 2 drops, this is the same for all the scents)
  • chocolate coins
  • chocolate scent
  • cinnamon sticks
  • sandalwood scent
  • dried oranges (the last few you can steal from the Christmas in a Jar DIY I showed you earlier this month)

5. Place a few of the decorations at the bottom of the ramekin and then pour in the wax. Make sure you do this carefully as to not jumble up the wicks.

6. Once you have created your candles, you need to carefully transfer them to the fridge for them to set. This should take about 2 hours, but I left them overnight just to be safe.


So there you have it. Some beautiful, Pinterest worthy candles that are way cheaper than buying one from a shop. I hope you loved them as much as I do, and I can’t wait to find out what Christmassy things you all add to yours.


Christmas Treats

Candy Cane Choccy Lollies


Hello Bumble Brees, welcome back to the little Christmas cove. Today I thought I would share one of my favourite Christmas recipes, Candy Cane Choccy Lollies. I hope you are all loving the Christmas content at the moment and I look forward to hearing about how you all got on.

So here we go…

  1. Firstly get 300g of a combination of milk and dark cooking chocolate (at whatever ration you prefer) and melt them in the microwave. This took me about 2 mins but this time will be different for everyone.
  2. Next, place 4 pairs of candy canes in heart shapes on a baking tray greased with a little bit of butter. Remeber to leave a little room at the bottom of the candy canes for a straw/lolly pop stick
  3. Now you can fill the candy cane hearts with the melted chocolate, creating the pretty little things.
  4. Heres the fun bit now… Decorating. I chose some Christmas confetti sprinkles I found at Lakeland and paired them with some gold edible glitter. But you all can go as mad as you’d like, send me pics too cause I’d love to see all your versions.
  5. Now place them into the fridge and let them set. I left mine overnight but I’m sure they would be ready in 2 or so hours if you are desperate and can’t wait.


I hope you all enjoy this recipe and I can’t wait to see you all next time. Xx

Christmas in a Jar

MERRY CHRISTMAS Bumble Brees. I am so excited December is finally here. To celebrate our first Crimbo together, I thought I would post a few Christmas DIYs to help you make the most out of your Advent. If like me, you are bound to the limited holiday time you have this year but still want to pack your time full of christmassy goodness, these little boggles full of crafts are perfect for you.

First up this December is ‘CHRISTMAS IN A JAR’ and I wanted this to smell and look like a little slice of Christmas.  (i feel like i have said Christmas way to much in this intro so lets quickly move on to the DIY)



So Here we go, all you need is listed below. you can of course add decorations of your own, like fir tree clippings or holly, but these are the items I associate with christmas.Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 14.06.30

  1. firstly you need to take your chopping board and cut some lovely orange slices, even throw in a few segments if it pleases you. Which it should…
  2. Next you need to place the orange shapes on some kitchen roll, or toilet paper if the other isn’t available, and try to dry out those pesky orange juices.
  3. now the next step can be completed in a few ways: you either place the dry(ish) orange slices on a baking trey and place them in a cooling down oven–> after a splendid roast dinner or something OR you place the baking trey in the oven at a LOW temperature, around 100 degrees C. Both options work fine but you need to make sure the oven isn’t too hot otherwise the oranges will burn. And nobody wants that.DSC_0480
  4. Once your oranges have been warming and drying, your house should start to smell like a wintery tropical resort and leave you in awe of how you lived your life without me. Now your baking has come to an end we can move on to the assembling.
  5. Firstly your going to want to place some of your freshly dried orange slices into the jar. And don’t forget those Segments…
  6. Alternate your placing of the oranges with a sprinkle of chocolate coins or a few sticks of cinnamon and you are good to go.
  7. Now for me, I like to add a good ribbon to right about anything, so that explians the little sneaky addition there, but I also couldn’t resist adding this pine cone that I found while decorating my Christmas tree.

So there you have it guys, my super easy ‘Christmas in a Jar’. I think this is a perfect craft you can do with your families or a little party favor at a swanky party, or even just a cute gift for a secret santa to another christmas lover. I hope you enjoyed this DIY, and if so  leave a comment about your favourite aspect of christmas, or just what your excited to do this December.

see you all soon, and enjoy the Christmas Jar

love Charlie Bree x